Mara Haslam

Mara Haslam was born and raised in the United States and is a native speaker of English.  She first started teaching English as a Second Language in 2002 after previously studying biology at university. Mara’s passion is for pronunciation, both in teaching and in research. 

Mara has taught everything within the English language, including writing, grammar, and content-based classes, but she thinks pronunciation is the most fun to teach! She loves to help other teachers learn best practices in language education and pronunciation instruction.  Contact Mara to see what she can do for you!

In addition to English, Mara speaks Swedish and Spanish, can understand some German, and can get around in Czech.  She is also currently learning Swedish Sign Language.

Mara has lived in the Stockholm, Sweden area since 2012 when she started working at Stockholm University. In her spare time, Mara enjoys singing and playing guitar and keeping up on current science and psychology on YouTube as well as spending time with her cat, Dessie.  She bakes a good kladdkaka.

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