Orthography and Pronunciation

Beliefs about diacritics and effect on perception (Part 1)

How do Polish speakers (who use diacritics) and English speakers (who don’t use diacritics) respond to Swedish letters å, ä, and ö, which are considered to be separate letters from a and o?  Does this affect their vowel perception?

Polish speakers were more likely than English speakers to respond that they thought å, ä, and ö were different letters from a and ö. All participants were more likely to respond that unfamiliar letters with diacritics were different letters from their non-diacritic counterparts.

English speakers did slightly better than Polish speakers on a test of Swedish vowel perception, but this result may be due to low experimental power.  More information needs to be collected.

Beliefs about diacritics and effect on perception (Part 2)

Follow up on Part 1, including the effect on both perception and production.


Data collection scheduled for 2019-2020.

Research results forthcoming.

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